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Put your passion to work.

Our philosophy is to treat every candidate the way we would want to be treated ourselves. This simple approach means we always put our IT Job Seekers and their needs first. 

Want to work with the best?

Whether you are a recent graduate, changing careers, relocating to Maryland/DC/Virginia or looking for new opportunities, Leading Edge Solutions can help you find the ideal job. Our staffing consultants will work with you to uncover opportunities that will match your skills and further your career. We will take the time to get to know you – your unique talents, skills, abilities and goals – and then match you with a job that will let you shine.

Resume Tips

Make sure your resume is strong enough to win an employer’s favorable attention by following a few basic guidelines:

  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and instead of writing “my story,” write the story of “what I can do for you.”

  • Resumes typically include these sections:

  • Objective:  Where and how you plan to make a contribution

  • Summary:  A list of your skills, both hard skills and soft skills

  • Employment History:  A chronological listing of where you’ve worked, along with what you accomplished there

  • Education:  If you have recently received a degree or special training, then this section can come before Employment History

  • No typos, no misspellings, and no grammatical mistakes.  This tells a prospective employer that you know how to write, that you pay attention to details, and that you’ll make the effort to do things right.

  • Make it neat, and be consistent with your style.  If you bold a section heading, then bold all sections headings.  If you put dates in italics, then put all dates in italics.

  • Keep it brief.  Be clear.  Highlight the best of your best.

  • If you’re unsure on any of these points, ask us.  We’re here to help!

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